5 Surprising Benefits of Silk Scarves

5 Surprising Benefits of Silk Scarves

Who doesn’t like being wrapped in silk? For centuries, people have been wearing silk clothing that set them apart in style and beauty. Silk as a fabric just oozes elegance - and combined with beautiful, modern cultural prints - you know it’s going to make you feel luxurious and special. Not only, is it a material that looks special, there are genuine health benefits from silk which sets it apart from everything else.

1. Starting with the obvious - it keeps you warm and cosy!

So simple, yet a feel-good factor that can never be underestimated. It feels nice and soothing to maintain warmth and not have cold air swirling around you - whether you’re outdoors or in a cinema and the air-conditioner is blowing just at you. 

2. Stiffness around the neck, or neck pain

The soothing warmth around a stiff neck can do wonders. Take it up a level by adding a heated pad underneath your scarf - you’re welcome!

3. Protect your ‘wind-gate’

Chinese medicine highlights the issue of “wind” causing health problems. Your neck, with a plethora of important acupuncture points, is called a “wind-date”. While we can’t find real studies and evidence that a scarf will help the immune system and keep you healthy - we’re happy to listen to aunts and grandmas warning us to keep our necks nice and warm!

4. Temperature Changes

Living in Hong Kong, the daily bustle that keeps dragging you around from super-cold offices, shopping malls, MTR stations and the hot and humid outdoors can result in your body experiencing drastic temperature changes every other minute. A silky-smooth, warm scarf can help you maintain some of the warmth in your body and protect you against the temperature changes.

5. Relief for skin irritation

Because it is composed of long, smooth, natural fibers tightly woven together, silk scarves helps decrease skin's loss of moisture and is better tolerated than other scarf fabrics by people with sensitive skin.

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