Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


Second to no other than the Chinese New Year celebration, the Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated, titularly, right in the middle of autumn. Known also by the Moon Festival, owing to the fact that the moon as it at its fullest and brightest that day of the year.

 The shape of the moon brings a sense of completeness and togetherness according to Chinese tradition, bringing families together to spend a cool evening on a rooftop or courtyard.

Celebrated all over China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, families get together to celebrate over dining and feasting on various mid-autumn foods - and especially mooncakes - while the traditional rich, thick filling with a solid egg yolk definitely takes some getting used to - you are bound to find a filling that you love.

Our favorite part of the festival? The legend of Chang’E.

According to Chinese legends (Once upon a time) there used to be ten suns that rose in the sky, killing crops and making the population suffer. In the legend, the beautiful Chang’E’s husband, Hou-Yi - an expert archer - used his bow and arrow to shoot down 9 of them. For his courageous act, he was given an elixir of immortality, which he gave to Chang’E for safekeeping.

Tragedy struck the couple one day, forcing Chang’E to take the elixir and become immortal. As she started floating up towards heaven, her strong love for her husband pulled her to the nearest place between Earth and Heaven - the Moon.

Missing his wife, Hou-Yi, screamed at the moon hoping it would bring her back, the legend continues that he saw an image of her on the moon and to this day he  offers food for his goddess to come back to Earth.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to everyone from Eastern Souls Hong Kong!

Who’s cutting onions here.. *sniff*..

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  • Dinara

    What a beautiful legend! Now these lunar little books will be for me not only cute, but also tasty))

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