Hello from Eastern Souls Hong Kong

Hello from Eastern Souls Hong Kong

After a year spent designing, sourcing suppliers, sampling and a few hundred other things - we’re back!

We have a brand new collection of silk scarves, produced in the silk capital of China, as well as neoprene graphic bags and cotton cushion covers. Instead of drop shipping products from direct-to-garment suppliers, where one can never ensure the quality, we decided to produce small quantity of items in bulk with a small workshop in China. We’ve spent many sleepless nights dreaming up these items, and we felt the only way to deliver the quality they deserve is if we do everything ourselves.

And what’s exactly what we did.

Stay tuned while we continue to update our site. As always, we hope you enjoy our products as much as loved creating them.

Our souls may be too busy to rest, but they sure are soul-full. 

- Team at Eastern Souls Hong Kong

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