How to take care of your leggings

How to take care of your leggings

We all have a pair of gorgeous printed yoga leggings that we can't live without. They are the ones that you choose when you need a push to get out of the bed and head to the gym, and of course, when you want to kick back and relax, you simply put them on and plop on the couch. As they get most usage than any other item in your closet, you need to take care of your yoga leggings properly to make them last longer. You must know how to clean, wash, dry and store properly.

If you are clueless on how to take care of your printed yoga leggings; check out the following tips.

Wash When Necessary

Don't wash your leggings unnecessarily. If you have only run for about 30 minutes or worn them at home for a couple of hours, you don't need to wash them. However, after a vigorous workout or spilling coffee, washing your leggings becomes a necessity.

How to Wash Your Leggings

Our leggings, no matter how flexible and versatile, are not indestructible. If you are careless with washing your leggings, they can tear and lose shape easily. For washing your printed yoga leggings, you can put them in the washing machine in either warm or cold water cycle. For warm water, the maximum temperature must not exceed 40 degrees C. Make sure the setting is turned to normal or gentle, and set the timer to 40 minutes.

Wash Separately

Follow the most important rule of washing clothes and don't mix colors and types. It is best if you wash all your yoga leggings separately in one cycle to avoid pilling, jumbling and leached out stains. You can toss in your tank tops as well.

Use Only Neutral Detergent

Strong chemicals can ruin the fibers and affect the durability of your leggings. Use a neutral detergent in a reasonable amount to clean your leggings. If you use a large quantity of detergent, the machine might not be able to rinse it away that causes entrapment of germs and detergent within the fibers of clothes. Not only they stink, they reduce the longevity of your leggings.

Line Dry

Stay away from the tumble dry and place them on a flat surface to dry naturally. Tumble dry creates excessive heat that damages the fabric. Moreover, hanging the leggings to dry can disfigure the length and shape  due to the weight of water. In case you are running late, and you have to tumble dry a pair, set the temperature to low.

Do Not Bleach

Bleach is a big no-no for leggings. Clothes that have synthetic fibers like elastane, polyester and nylon are ruined by bleach. In case, there is a stain that won't budge, use a small amount of washing powder to spot clean.

Do Not Iron

Eastern Souls Hong Kong's Printed yoga leggings don't have to be ironed. Why? Well, firstly, they are wrinkle-free. Secondly, direct heat can cause your leggings to fade. So, steer clear of the iron! After they have dried, simply fold them neatly and put in a drawer.

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