Top 10 Reasons Leggings Should Be Your Go-To Attire

Top 10 Reasons Leggings Should Be Your Go-To Attire

Highly underestimated and often frowned upon, leggings don't get the love they deserve. Be it a plain black pair or printed yoga leggings, they are truly a godsend blessing. They are stretchy, versatile and we honestly believe, possess some sort of secret power that make them flawless.

Once you wear a pair of leggings, you can never go back to your old ways. Denim and dress pants? Sure, put them on where they are mandatory. Otherwise, leggings are the best pants you will ever own. If you are still not convinced, we have listed down some of the top reasons why leggings should be your go-to attire.

1. They are Super Comfortable

Leggings are made with soft and flexible material that allows you to laze around your house and carry out some of the most complex forms of exercises. They are breathable with a sweat-wicking effect which make them an ideal choice for workouts. Moreover, they are lightweight. You can easily move around without feeling uncomfortable. You know when you eat too much, and you have to unbutton your pants? Well, leggings got you covered in that matter!

2. They are Versatile

Available in a variety of styles, materials and colors, leggings never fail you. Whether you opt for a printed yoga legging with a basic tee or wear a midi dress with a solid-colored legging, there are numerous options. You only need to have a handful of leggings and you are good to go for a whole week.

3. Perfect for All Weathers

Be it a cool evening or a wet n' humid Hong Kong afternoon, leggings are ideal for all sorts of weather conditions. When it is pouring cats and dogs, they won't weigh you down like denim pants. Furthermore, they keep you warm during winters and don't make you sweat during summers. Put on a pair of printed yoga leggings and head out! Can they be MORE perfect for the hot and humid Hong Kong weather? 

4. They Look Amazing on Everyone

No matter what body size and shape, leggings have a power to make you look gorgeous. They fit snugly and prevent that frumpy appearance most of us dread.

5. Superb for Lazy Days

No matter how much we would like to, we can't spend our lives in our coziest pajamas. That's where leggings are your best friends. When you are too lazy to dress up but have to go out, simply wear a pair of printed yoga leggings with a solid tunic. You will instantly look glammed-up with zero effort. What’s the best part? It will be just like being in your favorite pjs.

6. They Don't to Be Ironed

Another great reason to own hundreds of leggings. You never have to iron them! Simply wash and dry, fold them and put it in the chest. Never worry about creases and wrinkles.

7. Easy to Clean and Care For

Leggings are super easy to clean. You can toss them in the washing machine and dryer with you regular clothes. They don't bleed color, and don't catch stains.

8. They are Durable

A good-quality legging will last you a lifetime. Thanks to their flexibility, leggings don't get torn easily nor they pill. If you take care of them, you can use them for years.

9. Bright Colors and Lovely Prints

Leggings are widely available in all sorts of colors and prints, and no one will even notice if you repeat them every day!

10. Awesome for Workouts

Do you love early morning yoga or perhaps, you are more of a cardio girl? Whatever your preferences are, leggings make a great choice for workouts.


We hope you are now fully convinced. Make sure to take a look at our printed yoga leggings!


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