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About Us


Vividly psychedelic, Eastern Souls Hong Kong was inspired by the chaotic bliss of the East. It aims to celebrate various Eastern and Asian lifestyle, art, culture and the iconic sights found randomly on our streets.


Every day life is a design inspiration, from the colorful neon lights of Hong Kong, the art on the back of rickshaws of Bangladesh and beautiful Nomadic patterns in the textiles of Kazakhstan. We design inspired by these images  and print on silk scarves, tote bags, cushion covers and more as a celebration of everything beautiful about Asia.


Eastern Souls Hong Kong Leggings & Scarves Shop


Founded by Oru Kabir, a designer from Bangladesh and his wife Laila from Kazakhstan, living in Hong Kong. Eastern Souls started as a design project to regain a lost identity. We started creating products that reminded us of our own cultures. Growing up in Thailand, China, Kazakhstan and Bangladesh, we have been lucky to experience the majestic mix of culture that embodies the East.

Each design carry a story of nostalgia and homesickness, yet seeing them come to life satiates our need of creative fulfillment. To bring Eastern Souls Hong Kong to life has been a lifelong dream of ours. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we love creating them.



Our 100% Silk scarves are produced in limited runs in Suzhou, China. With a history of producing silk for over 4,700 years - Suzhou remains a hub of the national silk industry where modern technology meets ancient traditions for producing silk. 

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