How to Wash & Clean Pure Silk Scarves

If you are in love with fashionable silk scarves and avidly collect them, you must be looking out for ways to effectively clean and store them. Here are some quick and easy tips that will keep your lovely collection of scarves forever sparkly and new.

Silk is not as delicate as it looks. However, it does require some special care. Let’s begin!

Easy Ways to Clean Your Silk Scarves

1. Read the care tag and follow the exact instructions. When hand-washing a pure silk scarf, always use a mild detergent and cold water. Fill up the sink or a container with cold water and add detergent in a small quantity. Mix it thoroughly in the water until suds appear. Add your scarf into water and swish it around gently. Squeeze and rinse it carefully to wash away any remnants of suds. If there are stains and spots, add a dot of detergent directly on the spot. For white scarves, you can use oxygen-based bleach with cold water. It will brighten the scarf without spoiling its composition.

2. Place the wet silk scarf in a towel and pat it gently to remove excessive moisture. Don't wring it as it will ruin the fibers. Next step is to air-dry the scarf. Place it on a flat clean surface or hang it on a plastic hanger and leave it to dry for a few hours. You can also dry it under a ceiling fan.

3. Always iron your pure silk scarves when they are slightly damp. It is a big no-no to use heat on dried silk fabric directly.

4. Store your scarves in an airtight container or a drawer that is completely dry and clean. Put some cotton balls in lavender essential oil to repel moths, silverfish and other clothe-eating bugs that can harm natural fibers of silk. You can roll them up or fold them neatly.

Things You Should Never Do to Your Silk Scarves

A few things that you should NEVER do to your 100% pure silk scarves:

1. Before you decide to toss your precious scarf into the laundry with dozens of other clothes, don't forget to read the instructions on its label. Some scarves require to be dry-cleaned while others can easily be hand-washed. All Eastern Souls Silk Scarves must be dry-cleaned professionally.

2. It is okay to wash your scarf in a washing machine once in a blue moon, however, try to avoid it as much as you can. Washing machine can loosen its smooth fibers. Similarly, wringing, twisting, or rubbing the scarf too often will cause it to lose its appearance and structure in the long run.

3. Go easy on the dryer, iron, and sunlight. Intense heat can cause damage to silk fibers. Exposing to direct sunlight can result in loss of fabric’s color.

4. If you want to keep your pure silk scarves as good as new, never use harsh chemicals. It is best to avoid using bleach and alcohol. Not only they irreparably damage its structure, they can cause unwanted stains too.  When you apply perfumes, body mists or hairsprays, let them dry before you out on a scarf.

5. Never wash your fashionable silk scarves with other clothes. There is always a risk of color bleeding! 

6. Don’t use mothballs or other strong chemicals with your silk scarves. Your scarves will smell truly nasty and it will be hard to get rid of the stink.

We hope these tips will help you keep your 100% pure silk scarves all safe and clean.  If properly looked after, our silk scarves can last you a lifetime.